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New to 3d printing, I have a few questions..

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I took delivery of my CR-6 a few weeks ago, and I have been playing with it but have not yet had a perfect print. I have used a few different filaments, a few different settings and cannot seem to get things right. I am a mac user and I have Cura and Blender.

My goal is to produce rubber stamps that can be used for customising packaging. I am using this tutorial:

and this filament:

What settings would you recommend?

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@tjobbe Hi, friend. Usually, I use the middle value for the nozzle and bed temp. It says 200-220 for the nozzle and 50-70 for the hotbed. However, I am not sure what printing issue caused the failure. Could you please share more details? Sometimes the Cura setting is not the only factor.