If I buy a CR-6 SE ...
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If I buy a CR-6 SE today

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Will it come with all the fixes the newest revision motherboard for example v4.5.3 and updated power switch, USB fix.  The rest of the fixes I heard can be fixed with the community GitHub firmware release such as issues with auto bed leveling and the screen going to sleep or dark and ability to do auto bed leveling before each print if you want and maybe access to the terminal to do real time G coding?  I can’t think of anything else that maybe the community GitHub firmware might fix?

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I bought one from MicroCenter and to my surprise I have a newer board version Era v1.1.03.  When was this one released and what hardware changes were made from v4.5.3 to v1.1.03. 

I noticed the run out sensor and extruder are at a slight angle is this how it should be?  The plate it sits on is normal but both those parts are not straight they are at a slight angle.  I also had an issue with the hot end roller wheels. It seems like the eccentric nut was not tight but when the hot end was moved left to right I felt two bumps in same area every-time. I loosened the eccentric but slightly and it’s smooth now but the point is we are talking only a couple mm turn of the nut. The screw also looks warped or bent tried another screw but that did not change the issue. 

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I can confirm the angle of the sensor and extruder is normal.  It would seem the bumping in the roller is also normal until the eccentric not is perfectly tightened so there is no slack and yet just tweaked perfectly so there is no drag or bumps.   I noticed this is exactly the same condition on the bed eccentric adjustment if its not perfectly adjusted you get wobble if its just slightly over tight you will feel bumps when you roll the bed.   

My only complaint is there is no room for error 1mm accuracy is all you have room to play with.


All my questions is this post are answered except one question remains.


About when was the Era Motherboard released for CR-6 SE.   I have seen a lot of youtube videos saying the latest board that was released was v4.5.3 from v4.5.2 to fix some possible issues.  Can you tell me what are the bugs/fixes in this hardware release v1.1.03?

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