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How to Use SD card for Printing on CR6SE ?

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Dear Creality Users


Can anyone share a tutorial how to use SD card in CR6SE and how to move STL files in SD card for Printing on Printer, i found nothing when i used on my CR6SE, i found this issue is so common,  Weird Even creality hasn't released any tutorial for it to help their users?

I even saw couple of videos on YouTube but they just mention move the file into root of SD card  and not general folder that's it , no one gives a proper instructions

Request to creality and users of this forum to please share some tutorial for new users like me.

Thank you in advance.

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The Key is that move the .goce file to the root of the SD card, NOT the STL files. 

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You need to open your STL files with a slicer, Creality Slicer or Cura, and once you dialed in your settings, slice and save to the SD card you will use in the printer. Then put your SD card in the printer and select the model you sliced for printing