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Help me to configure my first 3D Printer

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I bought new CR 6 SE, i did not do any calibration except that i upgraded the firmware available on this web site. please refer to attached images how can i overcome printing issues.  Please note that I'm not an experienced user please explain me how can i fix it.



Note: looks like it was not allowing me to upload multiple pictures, i combined it.

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@sairfan1 It looks like a round thing, right? I do not see the whole image of your print. So I am wondering that can you change the model's layout?

Because the printing issue you said seems caused by lack of support. The print direction is horizontal and there is no support on the top where you got some "issue" there. 

If you can not change the layout of your print, try to add "support" for it. The third way is after-processing, sand it smooth.


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