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filament not enter in extruder

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Buy rolls of filament and one of them does not enter the extruder, when passing through the sensor and entering the extruder it is as if it bumps into something.


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Take the nippers that were included with your printer, they are usually used for cutting small wires. Cut the end of the filament at a 45 degree angle. That should help the filament get past an obstruction assuming you flipped the release lever on the extruder..

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Sounds like your filament is getting stuck entering the Bowden tube via the coupling. You are moving the lever on the back edge of the Extruder fully over so it sticks out?

As vhoward1122 mentioned above make sure your filament is cut to present a sharp point, then you will have to wiggle the filament around whilst pushing. it will eventually find the very small hole leading down to the Hot end.

Make sure you push it all the way down until you see molten plastic coming out the nozzle.

I prefer using the white tube as my Bowden tube so i can see the filament going down towards the hot end.

PS. Just had a thought......'You have bought 1.75mm Filament Right??????'