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CR-6SE – HW – V4.5.3 Mainboard - fake

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In brief:

I got my CR6 SE 3 November last year which burn out - nothing unusual

I wait  till 8 January to gen new mainboard which is version V4.5.3 and do not heat bed and hotend

(also optical switch do not work and one of fan in printing head) 

I fight with shop one week and today got another mainboard version V4.5.3 which also do not heat

Today i spotted new firmware version which i download and flash but it is still not heat 

then i checked firmware hash and this is the same:

05257a212a0b1aad984978fefaefaade *CR-6SE - V2.0.1.3 - HW - V4.5.2.bin
05257a212a0b1aad984978fefaefaade *CR-6SE - V2.0.1.3 - HW - V4.5.3.bin

Also CRC for Dwin_set is the same for version V2.0.1.3 and V2.0.1.3 - V4.5.3


Can anybody do anything to help me ?



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