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Cr-6SE Firmware 4.5.2

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I have a Kickstarter CR6SE with MB v4.5.2

Q1. What is the most updated MB firmware available?

Q2. What is the most updated Screen firmware available?

Issue 1. I Downloaded Version 4.5.3 (prior to realizing I had the 4.5.2 MB) and the Zip contains the .bin for the MB and the File Folder for the Screen.  Here is the issue, the Screen File Folder has an Extra sub folder with same name, so it never reads it. Had to do down one folder and move the subfolder to the SD card to make it work.

When I found out I had 4.5.2, I reverted to the latest MB firmware V1.0.3.6.bin. 

Is that the latest, or can I put the updated V2.0.1.3 though it says HW 4.5.3???

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