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[Solved] CR-6 SE Screen Language Problem

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Recently, I attempted to update the firmware and was successful except the screen language was Chinese.  I then followed the directions to update the screen firmware and was NOT successful.

I used an 8GB micro SD card formatted as directed.  I have a single folder DWIN_SET on the SD card.  The files do not update – all 000.

I tried reformatting the SD card with allocation size 2048.  That caused some of the files to update but not correctly.  Now the screen does not respond to touch at all.  The printer is completely down.


I see a lot of discussion on this topic – many others have same issue.  Is there a solution?


Another self inflicted problem.  I had two DWIN_SET folders on the SD card – one inside the other.  Not sure how that happened but correcting it fixed the problem.

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