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CR-6 SE Max Bed Level Failure

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I'm suddenly not able to level the bed. I removed the hot end cover to adjust the sensitivity set screw, and it seems OK (gently pushing up on the hot end makes the micro LED on the board light up). It auto-homes, then goes to (200,200) to check Z zero as normal, at which point it does two touches, both with board LED illumination. It then lifts prior to moving to (0,0), but not quite like it has in the past - I swear it's lifting a second time before it starts to move. When it gets to (0,0), it lifts in the Z-direction, doesn't drop, no board LED, and moves to the next point - at which point it lifts again, no board LED, and moves on, climbing as it goes. At that point, even pushing upward strongly on the hot end does not illuminate the board LED. Plus, the blue workpiece illumination LED turns off as it goes to (0,0). Any idea what's going on here?

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