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CR-6 SE low-Z stopped print bad behavior

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When I stop a print, the printer homes the print head. While this doesn't seem necessary I suppose it makes reasonable sense. However, it lowers the Z axis as part of the action. Most of the time when I've stopped a print it was because of a poor initial layer so the Z is already barely above the build plate. The result of the homing is that the nozzle is forced down onto the bed, and if it's starting from the opposite side of home, this causes the nozzle to severely drag across the build plate, blindly smashing into everything in it's path. When it reaches X0 Y0 it does the "double bounce" against the X axis limit switch to (presumably) zero out its reference. Because of the downward force of the Z movement, the nozzle presses against the bed glass (laterally on the X axis) and hops up and back down due to the downward Z pressure against it. The ABL feature has the flexible plate which I think is the only thing stopping this abort routine from somehow damaging the print head. I have only stopped a print many layers up a couple times, and I don't remember what it does in that case. It mustn't be as bad since I can't recall the behavior as compared to stopping when it's at the first or second layer.

When the head finally comes to rest, it's also lower than the build plate, further evidence of an excessive reduction (possibly into the negatives) of the Z position.  It really makes no sense to me to change the Z axis position at all when a print is stopped.

I dread stopping a print because of this behavior but have had to after bad starts to the first layer on prints that are relying on the first layer as the presentation face of a print. I'm concerned that this has or will do damage to the head or cause unnecessary stress to the axes.

I assume this is a routine in the firmware that's not user adjustable.

Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone know if this has been addressed?


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@peterlanoie When I click stop, my printer will go back home. But it will not lower the Z-axis. Usually, he would lift a little bit, and then the head goes to the left to click the X-stop switch...So I am not sure that if your printer is working properly.