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Cr -6 SE Levellign problem

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HI. I'm very new to 3D printing and am having a frustrating time with my Cr-6 SE. I have ruined 2 printer beds through gouging by the nozzle. This happens before the print actually starts, during the wipe procedure, just after the nozzle touch the very centre of the bed twice. It then drags itself across the bed. It does seem to gouge less as it moves to the left.

I have levelled the bed multiple times, set the z-offset multiple times too. 

Can anyone help? I have attached a picture to show the damage. 

(The finger marks are where I tried to wipe the scratch off :0) )


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please check all screws under the glass plate if they are tightened well.

To do this, lift the glass plate and you will see eleven countersunk head screws.

Good luck!