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CR-6 SE Extruder Upgrade

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@thommygay24 can you post the link to the extruder you bought? I am trying to replace the extruder on the machine and for some reason I cannot see the picture you posted. 

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First, thank you all for the posts.   I recently picked up a CR6 SE because I just got too frustrated with the BL Touch and Ender 3 v2.  It keeps randomly ignoring the BL Touch and slamming into the hot plate making me have to reset all of the Z offsets.  I have tried multiple BL Touch and cables thinking it was a bum unit and I have followed the directions to adjust the set screw.  After going back and forth with Creality/Comgrow now for 6 months, I am ready to give up and move on.

I am getting ready to build the CR6 SE and want to make sure I have the problems solved before they start like the extruder.   I can’t seem to click on your attachments so I can see what everyone has done, they keep saying I don’t have the privilege.  I changed my browser to allow popups but that did nothing.

So, I am assuming the product below labeled “Double Gear” will work ok for the extruder and has an easier process for cleaning the gears.  I am assuming this somehow will work with the out-of-filament detector, right?  Anything else I should know?   I see the “Original Bondtech BMG” posted and I see that in Amazon some list it at $99 and others at $29, I am not sure if the cheaper one is a knock-off.  I also posted the link below to it. 


Double Gear extrusion metal upgrade – I plan on ordering this unless the BMG is better.


Cheap BMG Extruder


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@hpolack Hi, sorry there is some error but I fixed it now. You should have the access to view the attachment now. The double gear extruder kits will work on your 6SE, just check your E calibration after you install it.

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Where did you find your filament guide?

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@wasp056 Thankyou so much for help

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