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Can anyone help with 2 problems?

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Hello there,

I've just started to have some problems with my Creality CR-6 SE and I can't figure out why because I'm not much of an engineer or mechanic. Can anyone here please help? I have videos and image below.


PROBEM 1) Carriage shift x suddenly with loud clicking sound. It's creating an offset in my print.
VIDEO (You can see it at the start and near the end)

You can see the X-shift offset of the first layer print in the attached image.

PROBEM 2) Nozzle pressing into bed. I'm guessing some sensor is broken but I don't know.

Can anyone figure out what replacement part I need to replace?

By the way, I'm having difficulty finding replacement parts online.
Does anyone know where I can buy the following parts for my Creality CR-6 SE?
- Nozzle kit
- Fully Assembled Hotend Extruder Kit
- Autoleveling Strain Gauge.
- X & Y belts

Thank-you in advance.