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X-axis motor making a terrible noise

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I am a 3D printing newbie.  I recently received a CR-10S Pro V2 as a gift.  I have assembled it, tried my best to calibrate it, and submitted my first print.  The first half printed well, but the top half was a mess.  I understand there is troubleshooting I can do, but while attempting to do so, I came upon my current problem.

My x-axis motor is making a terrible noise and does not move cleanly (see attached video).  I am looking for help addressing this problem.  Thanks in advance.

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I looked at your clip, that is the sound that the motors make when they are being restricted. When you have it off, or after you turn your machine on, can you slide the hot end back and forth smoothly with your hand? It should glide easily, if it is very stiff with the machine on or off, most likely one or both of the stacked bearings on the right side that the belt goes around, had failed. I had the identical thing happen to my CR-10s Pro after 1 month of use, but that was on the bearing stack for the bed just above the screen behind the end plate. I ordered some replacement bearings and replaced them myself. If you need some part numbers, just reply.

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I am in quite a bind with a large project for a customer. My x axis motor is suddenly making a very loud noise and is sometimes going the wrong way when trying to move the head around the laser. I will press the left button on the control and it will go right or vise versa. I have filmed a video of this. Can anyone diagonse the problem and tell me where to start. is it the controller or the motor? Here is the video. facetime app

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