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More issues with Pro V2

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After letting my printer sit overnight without power I plugged it in and it printed a test file perfectly with no bed adhesion issues. So I then decided to print one of my own files. Well, six hours into a 20 hour print there was a catastrophic failure after pausing the print to replace the filament. Upon unpausing the print the printer ran the gantry all the way to the top and would not disengage either Z motors. So until I could get to the printer to disconnect power it sat there grinding both Z motors. Once powered back up it asked to resume the print and I did. But unfortunately the printer thought the print head was in the right position but it was still near he top. It started to deposit filament as if it were on the print but was about 10 inches above it. WTH?  This printer is four days old and already to complete failures that caused untold damage to the motors and other components. Is this normal for the Pro V2? Is it also normal for Creality customer service to not contact with you about a return or service? 

below is the link to my previous post describing the other issues I’ve had/

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@venomousduck This is a big problem that needs to be solved by Creality service.