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Large prints warping/curling

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Every time I try some large-ish print jobs I get excessive warping.
I am printing on a raft, after a few layers the ends of my job start curling up and after 10 or so layers are so high they hit the print head as it moves across, I even had the auto-leveller pin break off at one point!

Standard PLA

Infill needs to be 100% but have tried reducing to 20% with same result.

Nozzle Temp 210.

Bed Temp 60, have tried 40 & 70, same result.

Tried printing without a raft but print job just slides all over bed, could not manage to print anything this way (I have the standard clip on bed which comes with the CR-10S Pro V2)

Tried using Curra splicer rather than the Creality one which gave worse results (mush more curling!)


Any help appreciated





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@dudester Hello, Friend, Generally speaking, using a raft is the most stable method. Do you mean that your print starts curling up while the raft is sticking on the bed?

Would you mind sending me your file to have a look? Sometimes the print design itself will cause curling. Here is a link for your better understanding of why the print will curl up.