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Help , irregular filament flow CR-10S Pro V2

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I have owned the CR-10S Pro V2 printer for 1 year. During this period, the printing of my models were impeccable. But for 8 days, all my impressions are bad. The flow of the filament is completely irregular. During printing sometimes nothing comes out of the nozzle then I have a large amount of filament coming out. I changed and cleaned all the components related to the filament (nozzle, Capricorn PTFE tubing, tube clamp). I have always used the same spools of filament. I have the impression that the nozzle clogs then brings out the filament in great quantity (I changed the nozzle 3 times).

Thank you in advance for your help to find the good quality of my prints.


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@benoitpixel Hello, I would like to notice that if your nozzle clogs sometiomes, the brass nozzle may be not the key to the question. You need to check your PTFE tubing and the heater throat. Please do what the attached picture shows. And then make sure the PTFE tubing is plugin enough deep to the throat. Otherwise, the melt filement will gather in the heater throat, then it will cool down and push the tubing back slowly. Untill the filament clogs.