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Cr10s Pro V1 dual Extruder?

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hi peeps, just got a cr10s pro V1, dose it support Dual Extruders? i see on the expanction pcb it has E1, and E2. but not sure

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I just want to says that Lot of issues and zero support from WOL3D customer support team, trying to contact them from last 15 days but all efforts in drain. The nozzle that came with printer wont come off tried all ways suggested on youtube and google , I am afraid if i try harder it will break apart, other than that there is issue with the internal board as CR touch is not working as indent and sometime scratching the hot magnetic bed, filament getting stuck( had to dismantle the sprite extruder to get the same fixed but WOL3D team was not there to help)…a lot of issue within 1 month of purchase have a ender 3 v2 which actually is more reliable… cant return as the return window is of just 15days , hope this review grabs the seller attention and my issue gets sorted. MyCCPay

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