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Cr10s pro - nozzle crashing into the bed when z-homing

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Hi! I’ve seen some similar posts but haven’t been able to find exactly what I need. Recently when I tried to start a new print on my cr 10s pro, my nozzle just crashes into the bed. It’s been doing it on and off when I press z home, but not every time. I have the factory sensor on it, the LED will light up red once it senses the bed, but it doesn’t stop, it just keeps pushing down and will damage the bed. 

I don’t have much repair experience for this machine (it’s always printed great since I got it) so I’m not even sure how to install a new sensor. I’ve heard “flashing tiny machines” can help it which I only half understand.

Any advice? I am really hoping it can be fixed 🙁 

Much appreciated!! 

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