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CR10s pro buggy update

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I did a screen and firmware update 2 days ago. When the printer first came on, it displayed "sd init fail" and its still there, but the machine will read sd cards, BUT Ive lost communication through usb. Ive tried the usual uninstall/reinstall, checked com port, different cable and port, baud rate,etc. computer shows it on com4 and reports no problems, but none of the software can communicate with it. Ive tried easy 3d creator, cura, and xloader. they all see it, but cannot communicate. i got xloader to see it and tried to flash through there, but it just sits on "uploading". I cant send a m502 m500 command through any of them. any help would be great.

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@207tom  I got the same issue before on my CR-10S and did not figure it out. So I went back to my original firmware and it works.