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CR-10S Pro V2 - How to reduce hotbed heater power consumption

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I am using CR-10S Pro V2 for few months now. Everything is working as expected.


I have noticed that while heating the bed, printer is consuming +- 480 Watts. Once it heats up, it takes bursts up to 480 watts while using +- 60 Watts during normal operation.


My problem is, my UPS allows 450 Watts maximum power. These 480 watts Bursts causes my UPS to trip it down. 


Can we reduce this bursts to lesser power i.e. 300 Watts? I know the heating time will be increased but, with this 480 Watts burst of 1-2 seconds, I am unable to use it with my UPS.

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@ahmeqas You can google how to reduce the power of the heating resistance wire? But I do NOT recommend you do that.

Regardless of whether the printer is compatible, not sure if the thermal protection will be triggered as the heating time will be increased. Playing with the electricity is a deranger thing.