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CR-10 MAX thermistor issues

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   Hi, i have cr 10 max with marlin 2.0 . During an overnight print, next morning i wake up with stopped motors , broken part cooling fan cable and wrong thermistor values for hotend. I fix everything back and heat up nozzle, it was suspecious that hotend heating up very slow, then i realize that thermistor was broken.

   I ordered new one fix , but it was always showing 108 degree. I play with firmware , tried all 100 k thermistors but no  luck. I order another original(at least seller says that) and tried again all 100 k thermistors, temperature change between 50 and 150 degrees depending on my choice. But it is not correct at all. I return to default 1.70.0 BL hotend is 109 degree, hotbed is 21 . When i disconnect thermistors values are not changing.

   Today i tried to heat the bed. it is heating but thermistor is not moving. So i have both thermistor defective now.

  After some search on web, some folks advise to check the port if they are working or not. So i attach 10 k potentiometer instaid of thermistors, bot temperatures are moving when i rotate potentiometers. So i believe my ports ok. 

I measure inlet voltage for hotend is 2.5 v, and fot hotbed 5 v. Any help highly appreciated.

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For how long you have your 10 max? 

Is there any message left on the screen when the problems happened?

assuming all the replaced parts are good, we need to check the firmware or the mainboard. See if you can connect the printer to your PC and run a gcode sender, to send the M502 for resetting  

The worst-case would be a damaged mainboard, not sure yet.

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