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bowden tube pops loose of pneumatic connectors

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I can deal with software, configuration, bed tilt, settings, all these things are to be adjusted and may need fiddling.

I get it.

BUT, when the two crappy pneumatic connectors, that cost $0.50 at the OEM level fatigue and let loose the one thing they are designed to hold onto....I think someone just cut corners to save literally one (1) dollar.

How do I arrange for Creality to ship me two new (good) bowden tube connectors as replacements for my CR-10s Pro V2 that isn't even two months old?


Eli liu
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You can contact them and ask for a replacement. It will take a long time but they will ship it anyway.

I found faulty fittings on new printers months ago and it usually happened on the big fitting(broken small teeth). 

I suggest you buy new ones at the local store as it is an easy-wear-out part.

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