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Y Axis Layer Shift CR-10v2, PLEASE HELP

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Pretty new CR10 v2 (less than a month), stock firmware (BL Touch mounted but I havent flashed firmware yet). I've successfully printed a few things and today I went for a big item, a mandalorian helmet (in 2 pieces). It prints fine till around 110mm (99 on one and 111 on the other) the layers start to shift. The pattern isnt exactly the same so I know its not a slicer issue (cura). The picture attached to this post is the orientation I had them (separately) on the bed. 

Here is the shift of the first one (right side) you can see it shifts toward the front of the printer

Here is a close up of the second one (left side) you can see it shift back towards the rear of the printer. This is also another shot of the shift on this one

Finally I have a short video here of the only noise that may be a concern, but it doesnt always result in a shift so im not exactly sure if this is a symptom of whats causing the shift or just correct printer movement. The printer moves back and at 4 seconds in when the printer pauses you can hear a subtle thud as the bed jolts forward) 

I've checked the machine once or twice over and everything seems as it should be

Belts are tight but not too tight

Grub screws on the stepper motors are tight

Wheels under bed/nozzle/Z are snug (but not overly tight)

Nothings in the track or preventing movement


I'm stumped on this one, exspecially cuz i dont see any shift till im about 42% in (like i said around 100mm). The printers basically brand new and I've also printed things higher (but not as wide) then that successfully.....