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[Sticky] White screen when powered by power supply

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I own 3 CR-10 Gen1s and have been upgrading them all to Marlin 2.0 bugfix. I successfully got 2 of them to work however this third one is showing a strange issue.

I did manage to get a bootloader through an Arduino UNO and then get Marlin 2.0 bugfix put on using VS Code with the usb. It works fine, the screen shows everything it should, the knob controls the menus, and I get a solid blue light from the Melzi board.

The problem is when I switch the bridge back to VREG and power it on, the LCD gives me an all white screen. It doesn’t beep or make any sound. It is just totally unresponsive.

It does not do this when powered by usb. The display and Melzi board work just fine through USB, so the LCD is not damaged, the ribbon cable is not loose and I don’t think the Melzi is damaged (at least that I can visibly see). Additionally I don’t think it is a firmware issue as I used the exact same process and files on my previous two CR-10 Gen1s and the function fine.

My first theory is maybe the power supply crapped out (as I hear they are prone to do) I just today bought an new identical power supply, switched it out, and nothing changed.. still the same white screen issue.

I’ve asked this question over on the CR-10 subreddit where I attached a video showing the problem here.

Any ideas or suggestions?

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I also want to know about that. I am going to share this question 619 area code-screen-when-powered-by-power-supply/ with my friends and brother. Hope so, he knows something about this.

Please wait for my next reply as soon as possible.