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Weird Z axis problem on a CR-20 printer

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I am printing an RC model airplane from Eclipson on a Creality CR-20. I have hundreds of prints on this printer. The last RC model I  printed came out perfectly. This new model started printing perfectly as well. On the fifth print for this model the part suddenly started looking like a sponge. The printer was moving up too far for each print layer, leaving the part with space between each line. I thought it might be a problem with the file or slicer so I tried printing one of the previous parts that had printed well. It came out like a sponge as well. Everything now prints with too much vertical space between the print lines. The X and Y shape of the part is fine. I have checked electrical connections and physical condition of the Z axis lead screw and motor, and the gantry. All looks ok. Nothing seems to have changed from the point where the printer was working fine. I am wondering about a firmware problem. I have rebooted the printer several times with no improvement. I am slicing and printing from Cura 4.8. I don’t know where else to look for trouble shooting. Maybe reinstall the firmware? Is there a firmware update for this printer?