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Thermal runaway on 1.1.6?

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Question...  I just got a CR10-Mini and it apparently came with 1.1.6 from the About in the printer...

I'm not one for lots of fancy new features, but wouldn't mind having thermal runaway enabled.

When I was searching the internet, I found a Facebook post by Creality for a download link (now defunct) for 1.1.6 with Thermal Runaway enabled.
That got me wondering...
Was Thermal Runaway enabled by Creality in 1.1.6, or was that a specific 1.1.6 with Thermal Runaway enabled?

I'm not opposed to rolling and uploading my own firmware if needed, but as Thermal Runaway is the only feature right now I am wondering about, I'd prefer not to mess with it if that is already in the firmware.  😉


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@desiv  About the thermal runaway thing, you can check out this video with some simple ways to test it.

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