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Questions about using a CR-Touch sensor on the CR-200B

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Hello community

First I have to say that my text was translated by Google as I don't speak English very well. I hope you can help me, I've already tried the support, but I didn't get any help due to language barriers. I wanted to equip my CR-200B, which I bought at the end of December, with a CR-Touch sensor and I have a few questions about it.

1. Since the sensor does not come with a holder suitable for the printer, I found a suitable one on Thingiverse, but the installation space for Y is reduced from 20cm to 18cm. Is there a better one where the size of the installation space does not change?

2. My firmware on the printer is screen version V1.0.2 and motherboard V1.0.8-F1. Do I need another update or does the CR Touch work immediately after installation?

Thanks in advance

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Tenho a mesma dúvida que você e até agora o suporte não solucionou meu caso. Pelo que eu sei, no suporte da Creality, não há ainda um firmware para CR Touch, há apenas para BL Touch. O que é curioso pois já existe para outras impressoras, mas para a CR-200B ainda não.