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Help required with CR-10 Smart

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Hi, got a new CR10 Smart and the touchscreen is intermittent at best. Updated the firmware on the printer and the screen, was ok for a few days but problematic again. Decided to purchase a 3d pad screen but when i connect the screen just says connect.... in the top left hand corner (have seen similar in product reviews) Updated the firmware on the 3d pad but still wont connect. Anyone got this working with the CR10 Smart? running the latest firmware on the printer CR-10 SmartMarlin2.0.6CRC2405V1.0.13 (PS, have disconnected the stock screen from the printer as this is a pre req and have filament in the filament run out sensor). Also cant get the CR10 Smart to attach to wifi but will log that on another thread. 

thanks for any help.

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Similar problems... any advice would be great. Screen locks up, nothing works... PULLING MY HAIR OUT