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CRX troubleshooting - Potential heat creep?

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Hi All, 

I'm struggling to get the CRX to work for me. I am printing PLA at 200Degrees and 60Degrees on the build plate which is glass with glue stick. I believe it may be heat creep that's causing issues. I have the stock fan on the heat sink running at 100%. The print starts off well, but then flow stops as per the image. The extruder drive starts to knock and then when I open it up there's a good size plug, I'm sure this is the reason for the print fail. Could I have any suggestions to help out the troubleshooting process?


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I've had the same issue on my Ender 3V2 before, and it turns out that there are some connection issue on the fan: it stops to work after a while and causing the clogging. Thus, I was wondering is the same problem happends to you as well. 

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as mentioned above, it's highly fan related issue..

Is your side fans working?  I had similar clogging issue when my side fans are not working.  My hardware and material is different thou.  Ender5+ and PETG