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creality cr10 v3 filament sensor act strangely

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I have cr10 v3 printer and yesterday I printed about 3 hours print but after about an hour it

stopped printing ... I can't find any reason why... blue led in filament sensor box was

OFF and when I pulled filament very little it was ON again...

I'm asking how I can override that sensor box ?  because I don't need if it don't work reliably...

removing cable connector don't work...

maybe I have to short circuit some of those 3 wires but what wires ?

... I think one wire is ground and second wire is for blue LED and third wire is for sensor maybe..

...  is this known problem ?

... maybe updating firmware help ?

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@artsiha Hi Arto, If you got a broken filament runout sensor and do not want to use it.  You can just take it off and put a piece of filament inside and secure it with tape.