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CR10 V3 Filament Sensor Shorted

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I just received my v3 a few days ago and noticed a strange smell once I powered on the control box (correct voltage is selected) so I disconnected the filament sensor to start and this appeared to have resolved the issue.  I took a voltmeter and checked the 3 wire cable and I am getting 5v on both signal and voltage and center is ground.  I'm  am doubting both pins should rec 5v but basically I cannot connect the filament sensor at all with out issues.  So I've reached out to support but haven't heard anything back as of yet.  Is there a way I can disable the sensor in the configuration?  Leaving it unplugged does not work and I cannot have it plugged in.  Thanks. 

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@powlikethat There is much information related to how to install the filament sensor, but no information to tell us how to turn it off. In addition to the method of inserting a filament in. But it does not work in your case.