CR10 ? ALso a CR10 ...
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CR10 ? ALso a CR10 S? Bed Temp Runaway on 10s Marlin on the 10?

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Ok I have a few questions on 2 printers

I have a CR10 S Upgraded to latest TH3D Firmware however It looks like the LCD is having issues some of the text is not readable and other times it is. Also my bed temp is set to 0 but its getting hot when the machine is powered up. Like 80C it will not turn off the bed. I went to temp settings in the LCD and made sure it was set to 0 and it is.


I also have a CR10 It has TH3d V1.R2.B5 I recall having to use an Arduino Uno to load the boot loader. Once that is loaded the first time do I have to reuse the Arduino Uno everytime I want to update the firmware. I just installed a Microswiss Direct Drive and know how to program the esteps in the terminal in octoprint however I also installed an ABL and know I need to turn it on in the configuration file settings. The issue is my Arduino IDE does not show a Sanguino 1264 I think is what i read so when I compile it gives a error I need to select Sanguino I cannot find it nor see how to add it.



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