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CR-10mini heat bed aviator plug

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I recently got a new heat bed for my cr-10mini. This one has a 4-pin aviator connection, my old one didn't. I just want to know the cable ordering for it. Looking at the end of the plug, there's numbers... 1,2 on right side. 4,3 on left side. I've added a picture. There's 2 yellow thermistor wires, plus a red and a black. I have a male aviator connection that I can use for it, I just don't know the correct ordering 🙁


Thanks for any help!

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The easiest way is to ask the seller. The complicated way is to use a multimeter to check these 4 pins' resistance. The heater and thermistor have different resistance values ( I forgot the number). 1 and2 should be one pair, 3 and 4 is another. 

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