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CR-10 V2 Extruder stopped working.

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Hi all, So I have a CR-10 V2 that the extruder just stopped mid-print. I have moved the motor over to the X axis to see if the motor was bad but it moves attached to there. I swapped motherboards thinking it could have messed up the board, but the exact same issue is happening. Do you think it could be the cable to the board? If so where can I get one of those. If not what could it be?

I am currently running firmware version 1.1.6, another problem is that I cannot get the printer to connect to the PC to upgrade the firmware.

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It could be the extruder’s cable problem. You did move the motor over to the X axis and found out the motor is good. Now you can switch the X and extruder cable. The extruder motor would move while the X motor would not move if the cable is damaged.