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CR-10 v2 BL Touch Add-on

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Hello all:

I have a CR-10 v2 and purchased the official BLTouch Upgrade Pack with the sensor, bracket, wiring, etc. 

I flashed the BLTouch enabled firmware, and that seemed to go fine; the main screen now reflects "CR-10 V2BLTouch ready". 

When I turn on the printer, the probe lights up and is deployed twice.  However, when trying to auto-home, bed leveling, etc., the probe NEVER deploys, and the hot end hits the bed—every single time. 

I've tried making all kinds of adjustments and am now really out of sorts and think I'm digging myself into a hole.  Every post I read and video I watch don't help.  I think I'm missing some major step(s) that may be totally obvious, but I'm totally stumped.

I appreciate any assistance and guidance.

Thank you,


jean jacques
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Hello, have you found the solution to your problems?

Eli liu
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@jim have you figured out the problem? Sorry for the late reply. There might be some steps we missed. It would be great if you can show me the circuit wiring and firmware name, so I can tell where could be the problem.