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CR-10 Max not printing

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Hi Everyone,

my CR-10 Max has for some reason just stopped printing. below is what's currently happening

  1. I run my model in Creality Slicer
  2. Export the .GCODE to the micro SD card
  3. Insert the micro SD into the printer & select the file.
  4. The printer then heats the bed & nozzle up, runs the leveling procedure
  5. then sits in the corner, the progress bar completes in around 10-15 seconds
  6. part finished (without moving or attempting to print

has anyone come across this before?


Thanks 🙂


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@1damo1 I got the same issue on Ender5+. After I restart the printer, it worked again. You can also try to power off your print, format your sd card. update or change to Cura slice, and try again.