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CR-10 Max Bed Heating Issue

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I came in today to a stalled print with a message of a thermistor error, and the bed temperature was too hot to touch. After opening the back cover, it was apparent, due to the charred board and melted wires, that the control board for the bed temp overheated and burned up. This is a new printer and hasn't been used a handful of times. I have two CR-10S printers that I wouldn't trade anything for, but this one has been nothing but headaches and it is the expensive one.... I need to know where I can get another control board to get the printer back into operation. Again, it is only a few months old, so it should still be under warranty. Hopefully tech support for this matter will be quick.

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@opiedrake How long have you got your CR-10Max? You can contact customer service to send you a new one.