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Problem with "Creality Smart Box"

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I am not sure, if this is the right place to ask this 😉 Please advice if there is a better place.

I am using The “Creality Smart Box” and I am not really happy with it. I cannot do much with it at all.

I can connect to the BOX in my LAN. I can see options etc. But I cannot do anything more…

There is an option to look a video stream (which is the main thing I want to do). But it doesn’t work.

At first it tried to pull the stream from the internal IP of the Box, not the public IP in the network.

The box has IP “” but the video stream links to “” which is on the intrnal network of the box and not reachable of coures.

So I added a rout to that net:

route add mask

No I CAN reach that address fine, but still, the video stream is not working!?

And video streaming seems to be the ONLY thing the box can do without the App? Why?

The App is really bad, too. Video cannot be resized to full screen and is very small. Only working in portrait mode, not landscape.

I am really not happy.

Is there a better place to get support or ask for features of this “Smart” Box?


– Oliver