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Ender3V2 Marlin Software Temperature Problems with Octoprint

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Hi, I seem to have been bitten by the bug with Marlin and temperature issues on Octoprint.

fyi, I am running an Ender3V2 (Ender3-V2-BLTouch-20210218.bin).  I start the print job; the printer bed/hotend heats; the BLTouch goes through its process; the print job starts, and then it fails....  It looks like somewhere during the BLTouch cycle, the temperature resets to 0.

If I pause the print in Octoprint after the BLTouch cycle and before the purge line starts, I can manually set the temperature and the rest of the print proceeds ok.

I saw the dialog between you and foosel on the octoprint forum and it sounds like this is my problem.  I have two questions for you.

The most obvious one is; "Has this been fixed yet?"  I have looked on your website, this one, the Marlin github and the octoprint community forum and I can't find an update.

The second question is "How do I track and inform myself of these issues without bothering you?"

thanks!  (I am enjoying your service.)

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@richarji I believe your issue is different on this. The key part is to see if the target temperature on the screen also goes to 0.

If so, this is likely to be a slicer / filament setting issue. Just check that your configuration has no target temps of zero anywhere.

I can't think of anything off hand that would cause a target temperature to change as you describe. The only hotend timer I can think of is the idle timer - but that shouldn't trigger unless your printer is taking at least a minute to get ready before starting to print...

As for the "What has changed?" question, the changelog that goes into the daily builds can be found here:

There is also an Issues section - which ends up being a cross between actual bugs and technical support: