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10s pro v2 leveling problem (middle point)

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I have a problem and I couldn’t get this problem. I have 10s pro v2. While adjusting the table, I noticed that the height of the nozzle in the middle of the table and the height of the nozzle at the measuring points on the sides are different. I make zero adjustments to the paper in the middle, when it comes to the edges, after I make my table height adjustments, when I come to the middle, the edges and the middle are not at the same height. I wonder if there is a skew in my plate, the middle point is more in the air, so I turned it upside down. I didn’t believe it, I went and cut the glass, I adjusted it many times, again, the middle point of the table is higher in the air than the other corner points. When this happens, the edges stay in the air and I’m having trouble printing. As a solution, I adjust the z axis according to the middle point when the entire table setting is finished. There is also an advantage in this, the object corresponding to the middle point sticks to the table excessively, the object corresponding to the edges sticks to the table normally. What is the reason for this, if it is a normal thing, the z-axis is one tick higher at the midpoint? How can I fix it if it’s not normal.