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Lelveing issues with Bl Touch

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I recently purchased an Ender 3 V2, installed Bl Touch sensor (Creality sold version).  I added the G29 command to the Cura start code, have the Z-Offset set to 3.1 mm, updated the firmware, can select the level bed sequence prior to printing, upon starting to print, see the probe go through the level bed sequence, everything seems to be working as expected.  Besides the BL sensor, I've also upgraded the springs and leveling wheels on the printer.  Have the glass bed which normally is pretty flat and don't see any obvious dings or imperfections in it.


Except when I print leveling squares the results are as pictured, almost like the sensor isn't doing anything. I could adjust the front right spring more, but my understanding, the sensor should correct for this and may produce the same results.   Not certain does this result indicate the nozzle is too close or too far, I'm leaning on too close??  None of the other squares are perfectly smooth either. but the front right (followed by back right) area seems to be the worse.  I measured the thickness of them, left side is approx .25 to .30 mm thick but still a bit rough.


Even though I have the BL touch, I did manually attempt to level the bed, didn't try to get it perfect as assumed the sensor would compensate, but don't think it's way out of alignment either for a starting point. 


I've printed this same square file more than once with same results, right side, particularly the front is always bad.


Any suggestions, thoughts or explanations??

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 The explanation is you might think BL-touch could compensate anything. But it didn't. BL-touch only helps for the first layer adhesion based on the bed leveling has a good result. Obviously, your hotbed is too high on the right side.

Make the right side lower according to your print test.