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BLTouch...what does it really do?

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I have an Ender 3 Pro, BLTouch with correct FW. Every print does the 9 point touch. I still need to level the bed regularly. What is the expected behavior of this actual leveling? If I do not have the system 100% perfect, it doesn't print anyway. I'm just not sure what BLTouch is doing, or if I have it misconfigured. 

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Good question. I have removed mine and thown it into my 'debris' box. I spent more time manually re-adjusting the z axis and bed than I did printing!
Now I just do the old-fashioned paper test occasionally, and I get perfect prints - with a nice even brim- every time. 
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@sporl I had the same problem and mindset.  I upgraded my bed springs and switched to the 5x5 (25 tests instead of 9)  and now I see the benefit of the autoleveler.   I was running the autolevel, then manually setting all 9 points and power cycling the printer until it "remembered" and then I would print.  30-45 minute setup for it to fail in 2 was frustrating. After replacing the bed springs it was amazing.  Also - I found out afterwards I may have been equally successful had I just tightened up the original springs a lot.  If I ever get another printer I may try that but for now the $10.00 to upgrade the springs was well worth it.

I hope this helps.