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Bltouch no z axis downward movement when z-homing

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Hello Group I am hoping you guys can help me with the new mainboard and bltouch. 

Basic info: Ender 3 Pro I just changed to a 4.2.7 mainboard and have a BLTouch from Creality, wired to the 5 pin for the BlTouch and the z-stop disconnected from the board. I am using a version of Marlin from Teaching Tech for the Ender Pro with 4.2.7 and Bltouch, with this guide for adjusting script:

 Now for the problem: When I try to auto home it runs to the x and y stops and then moves to the center of the bed the probe comes out then retracts twice and the z moves up then it comes out and retracts then nothing. If I then try to run bed leveling it tells me on screen “Home Z first”. I am in the process of learning coding but I am a junior high teacher in the last 2 weeks of a really rough year so i might not be all there. I have noticed an inert z-probe command and have tried it but there may be other commands that go with it for all to work right. 

If there is anything I need to supply info wise I am more than happy to screen shot or copy and paste info.  I am hoping the board is not blown or bad. I greatly appreciate any help that you  all might lend.

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@fookadoodledoo This firmware is Creality 4.2.7 mainboard working with the Ender-3,

instead of Ender3 pro.

The official firmware is this one:

Ender-3 Pro- 4.2.7-TMC2225  

Marlin2.0.1-BLTouch-V1.1.2(without adapter board)