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BLTouch issues and homing incorect

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I have had problems with BLTouch and homing issues were Z Axis goes up, or odd readings on the bed leveling at times when it does deploy. After it had been working i had just fitted a direct drive, tidied my cables all in the one sleeving. Then all my problems were back. The answer to my fault is the BLTouch cable malfunctions with interference if next to 24vdc line of the nozzle. Try for yourself, unplug run the cable loose as a test and see if it solves any problem

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I had constant problems and was wondering why the BL Touch was so great. I had to level and them manually level every time. Seems that BL Touch only added to setup time to print.  I then replaced my bed springs. That made a HUGE difference.  I later learned that I may have fixed the issues by simply tightening the bed knobs as much as possble and then create a new mesh and set the Z offset.  I am not going to remove my springs to see because I am very happy with it now but maybe you could try it.  If not, I hightly recommend the better springs.

I have also installed the 5x5 firmware instead of the 3x3 firmware.  The #x# indicates how many points to test when BL Touch is leveling.  3x3=9 and 5x5=25.  It only takes about a minute longer and seems worth the wait to me.