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BL Touch Offset is not seeming to matter

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I'd like to start off by saying I'm newer to filament printing. I've been trying to get this FDM printer (Ender 3 v2 ) working right since i got it and I've had barely any measurable success. Levelling seems almost impossible for me. I've been doing the paper thing and it doesn't seem to work across the plate. I got a BL touch to aid me, and when I do the offset modification, i'll even hover the extruder above it and then set z lower till it touches and then ease up till it isn't and the paper roughly slides under. I modify the offset by that amount usually another .03-.04 difference. I auto home, and then do the same thing, some reason 0 is straight into the bed, and .03-.04 is allowing paper to slip. I've felt like I've nearly unscrewed the manual adjusters from constantly trying to get higher to it and it just seems like no matter what the filament is usually not starting off adhereing to the plate.. except the test strip on the far left, it seems to print fine every damn time.

Please help me.