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[Sticky] Welcome to the Creality official forum!

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Dear Screws,

Welcome to the Creality official forum!

In this forum, you will see first-hand information about Creality 3D, product releases, firmware upgrades, and the latest promotions. In addition to these, we will also publish some technical posts to help you better use the 3D printer and print a perfect model. It will also be the best place for you to communicate technically, find answers, and meet friends.

Our forum is not complete enough, and please read this announcement in detail before using it.

1. If your account registration is not successful, please try to register with Gmail.
2. If you post a picture or photo, the photo will not display after publication. Please not worry; click on the picture link, and you will see your image.
3. If you successfully register your account but cannot log in, please try to log in with another browser. The most stable browser we have found is Firefox.

We hope that the "Creality official forum" will become a utopia for all 3D printer enthusiasts, not just users who bought Creality 3D printers.

If you have any difficulty logging in, viewing posts or writing a topic, Please:

Make sure you use the Right Email address for the registration.

Try to use a different search engine, at this moment, to log in ( it would work for most users).

Notify me by email at I will help you ASAP.

Thank you in advance.


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