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Creality 3D Printer Firmware Download Guide

Eli liu
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Creality 3D printer Firmware Naming

Creality does not have a standard for firmware naming. As a result, all the firmware comes out with random name structures. Many users get confused by those meaningless numbers and incomplete words when they want to find the correct firmware for their printer.

At our Forum Download Section, I reordered the firmware names and made them easy to read. Here is the guide for the Naming System.

Other notes

  1. Blue colour refers to BL- Touch version.
  2. Default colour refers to the end-stop version.
  3. Red colour refers to Source Code or Source files.

Read more:

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CR6-SE Firmware 2.12.20 english 'multi-language-support' results in chinese screen with NO other language support

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Eli liu
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@proedler Please check out the CR6 section. It has been discussed many times.


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