Comgrow Mini Laser Engraver Review

Comgrow Mini Laser Engraver Review

There are many types of Laser engraving machines on the market. Some laser machines are powerful and able to cut wood, plastic or even sheet metals, while some laser machines are less powerful but easy to use. The Mini Laser Engraver make by Comgrow is one of the small laser machines. It is good at cutting or engraving on many materials. In this article, I will review this Engraver and do a comparison whit the laser kit for a 3D printer.

How Laser Engraver works

According to Wikipedia, A laser engraving machine consists of three main parts: a laser, a controller, and a surface. The laser is a drawing tool: the beam emitted from it allows the controller to trace patterns onto the surface. The controller determines the direction, intensity, speed of movement, and spread of the laser beam aimed at the surface. The surface is chosen to match the type of material the laser can act on.

Only the area inside this focal point is significantly affected when the laser beam passes over the surface. The energy delivered by the laser heat up the surface and subsequently vaporize the material. As a result, there will be marks or cutoff of the placed material.

Comgrow Mini Laser Engraver

Comgrow Mini Laser Engraver is a portable device, and it can work on most flat surfaces.

The Engraver has small size and lightweight, which can be easily taken anywhere. Also, multiple charging methods make it convenient to use.

The Engraver has a 1.6W laser module, which can generate a 445nm blue beam to cut or engrave different materials.

Machine Features

Plentiful Parts and Demo Materials

Complete accessories for the safe and easy use of the machine.

Kinds of demo board for different user experiences

High-Quality Laser Head

1.6W,445nm lightwave laser module is powerful enough to cut or engrave most soft materials.

The adjustable nut allows users to change the focus of the beam.

Many Materials Supported

The Engraver can cut or engrave on much different material like paper, wood, and more. Each material will have a different reaction to the laser beam.


The Mini Laser Engraver is controlled by the APP called [Mini Laser Engraving Machine]. It can be found on the majority of smart phone’s app store. More Importantly, this APP has a small size but all kinds of functions.

[Mini Laser Engraving Machine] supports image input from its library, user’s photo album and camera. Also, users can type words with built-in fonts, edit images, and design other creative drawings.

After the data send to the machine via Bluetooth, the engraver starts to cut the material.

Overall, it only takes a few steps from the APP operations to the laser actings.


Comgrow Mini Laser Engraver

  • Complete laser engraver with many accessories.
  • Small machine size and work area (98*99mm)
  • 1.6W PWM laser head
  • Bluetooth connection and powerful APP
  • Lightweight and portable
  • $139.00 USD

Creality Laser Kit

  • 3D printer add-on part
  • 0.5W un-PWM laser head
  • Easy to install to a 3D printer
  • The software has limited functions
  • Engraving size is based on the printer size
  • $ 45.99 USD


As a small appliance, Comgrow Mini Laser Engraver is easy-to-use and practical. It can be applied in many areas in our daily life, like customized gifts, house decoration, education and so on. Also, many objects are able to be engraved or cut for different appearances, such as wood, rubber, and other soft materials. Compared to other Laser cutters, like CO2 laser, which is used in industrial machining, the small device is much cheaper and safe to operate. If you already have a 3D printer, you are able to add a laser kit to it to achieve a similar purpose. But the greatest advantage of Comgrow Mini Laser Engraver is its rich APP contents and simple operation steps.


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