Avengers Hulkbuster 3D Printing Project

Avengers Hulkbuster 3D Printing Project

Avengers Hulkbuster


I’ve designed and printed many 3D models since I came to Creality last year. it is always a great experience when I’m doing these things. Recently, I was asked to print a large 3D model that has at least an ordinary person’s height. Because my company wants a cool 3D printed model that can display in the showroom.

After a couple of short meetings, Avengers Hulkbuster was chosen to be the object, which means, I will spend more than two months with the Stark’s artwork. I need to edit the current model and split it down to smaller pieces to fit my printers; I also need to do slicings, printing and all the post-processings. Of course, my colleagues will help me in many ways.

Well then, this article will be my work log, and the readers may find many useful skills here.

Work Log

2020-9-7 Week 1

This is the first week when I’m ready to kick off the Project. There are many elements that I have to think ahead.

Firstly, I need to have an overview of the model and to diside where shoud I get start.

In Magics 21.0, I scale the model to 1.766m; I also make a print simulation in Cura, and it shows the model’s weight is about 67Kg, and it would take two months in total only for printing.LOL

Next, I need to find what 3D printers are available for me. I use Cr-10 Max as the main printer to print large parts while others as support machines. other settings are 0.4 and 0.6mm nozzle, Grey PLA, 55℃ for hotbed and 200℃ for the nozzles. Printer check and maintenance like part replacement and levelling are necessary for sustainable printing tasks. Good printer conditions will prevent printed models from failure.

After I confirmed my mission (Avengers Hulkbuster) and my capabilities( several 3D printers, software like Solidworks, Magics, Crua and Simplify3D), I start to go through the detail of the model.

Connector Pins/ Holes function is applied for each part. It will be very helpful when I assemble the parts
After the first week. I printed some parts. I have to say the Pins & Holes help me a lot when I combine two parts, and they also increase the strength of the models.

The first week’s jobs were more about setting up printers and printing some small parts. Although some common issues occur during printing, they can be resolved with my skills. More importantly, I have been improving my modelling and slicing techniques to increase the chance of successful printing and save printing time.

See you next week.

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